After touring for 5 years with Chris Botti, Richie is taking a break from his former grueling schedule and focusing primarily on his band, Nuclear Fusion. Based in NY, Richie says he wants to get back to writing and producing some new tunes for Nuclear Fusion. “My fans will still see me playing with some of my friends, though. There are so many awesome awesome vocalist and instrumentalists I enjoy jamming with and it helps keep my skills sharp too. So be on the look out – if that dude killing’ it on the bass looks familiar, take a second look. It just may be me!”

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  1. Tom Babington Reply

    I thought I saw Richie playing on the “Young at Heart” set near the end of the recent HBO program, “If You’re Not in the OBIT – Eat Breakfast”. There was something about the physical style that just jumped out. I saw him with Chris in Orlando last year and was totally caught up in everything Richie did. Musician, performer, personality – the whole package! Very impressive. I’ve been looking online to see who was on that set, but have found nothing. Just curious. Hope to see him next time he hits central FL.

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